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Life Update

Okay, so I’m playing the alto trombone in orchestra this term. We’re playing Weber and I keep annihilating the orchestra on my giant tenor trombone, so the balance will be better with the alto. I can get a high Eb out on it, which is cool.  It’s just so tiny and cute, but it’s a bitch to learn. My hand doesn’t go to any of the right slide positions, so I’m out of tune as crap, and it’s harder to learn something I already know so well over again that it is to pick up a violin or clarinet which I’ve never associated those finger patterns with anything before.

It’ll be okay, though. I’m going home this weekend, and I plan on taking my tenor, alto, violin, and clarinet with me. SO MUCH PRACTICING. Also, I need to get a lot of reading done, but I’ll be back on Sunday.

On Monday I’m giving two trombone lessons, one to Sam and one to my new student, who is apparently a very good mature high school player. He will be my first student that I won’t be spending most of my time just trying to teach him the notes.

I also texted B back home about giving him a lesson this weekend.  Hopefully that will come through.

Three lessons in one weekend? 90 bucks for three hours of work? Heck yeah.

So I’m also learning violin and clarinet this term, as well the alto. Fingers suck. I like my trombone.  Also, these instruments are so tiny and…wooden, I just feel like I could snap them all in half.

That’s all I can think of for now…back to reading music history *yay…*

Edit No. 1:

There is actually one thing I forgot to mention. I did decide. I am going to get a new trombone. Next week Steve Wilson’s going to come in on my lesson and we’re going to talk about the different options and stuff. I’ll try stuff out at Midwest, and then I’ll order it.


My thoughts on clarinet:

Who knew that blowing a tiny piece of wood could be so hard?